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Help Us to Help You
If you find Guyslink helpful, please consider making a donation by clicking on the button below. Donations and other income we receive is used only to cover the costs of running this website and advertising its existence to other guys.
But we do need income in order to operate our service and to improve what we can offer!
GuysLink is a not-for-profit service operated by Dave Williams Media. Your donation will appear as 'PAYPAL *DW MEDIA' on your credit card statement. is a gay owned and managed international social networking and information service for gay, bisexual and transgendered individuals. It is operated on a strictly non-profit basis by Dave Williams Media, a small private company that specializes in LGBT media production. Dave Williams Media also operates a number of other non-profit websites providing services to various local LGBT communities in Ontario, Canada. These include,,, and
As the name suggests, Guyslink caters mainly for guys but we do welcome people of all genders, sexualities and gender identities. We offer free membership to people of all age groups but this excludes access to adult materials and restricts the use of some facilities. We also offer an upgraded membership option for adults aged 18 and over, which removes these restrictions and permits access to adult materials.
Our History
Guyslink was originally called UKGML, a service that started life in the UK on 11th July 1998. Initially UKGML was merely a mailing list without any web site at all, hence the name which stood for “UK Gay Mailing List”. Due to demand from our members, after just a few weeks of operation our web site was added. But it was initially constrained to displaying fixed information - facilities like messageboards and chat weren't really feasible at that time.
The following year, geographical coverage was extended with the launch of CNGML and USGML - parallel systems serving Canada and the United States.
Year 2000 brought about significant changes to our messageboard system, and coincidental to that we were also proud to launch our hosting of the Blue Room discussion forum. Under the management of a UK media company, a similar facility had been in operation for several years and attracted a large following with a great sense of community. When that company closed down their Blue Room web site, we were proud to offer a new home to the Blue Room regulars as well as an opportunity for our own members to make themselves at home in this friendly forum.
The following year, we further extended our coverage by adding the AUGML and NZGML services for guys in Australia and New Zealand.
Four years after we had started, mailing lists had substantially lost their appeal as they attracted spam, while faster and cheaper internet connections meant that web based messaging systems were becoming the preferred option. Added to this, our domain name was proving to be problematic, as it implied a service unique to the UK, but in reality we had become international. Consequently, our mailing lists were discontinued and our website was relaunched as in April 2002.
Since that time there have been many changes and enhancements, but most notably our services was again relaunched in October 2015 with the website you see today.