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This dictionary is for the benefit of guys who are new to the gay internet. It doesn't contain words whose meaning is obvious, nor those which can be found in any English dictionary, nor ones which are hardly ever used. The aim is to provide definitions of popular gay terms and abbreviations often found in personal ads, messageboards and chat pages. We welcome suggestions of any words or acronyms which you feel would make useful additions. Please contact us, if you have any suggestions.
69 Two people engaging in oral sex with each other simultaneously.
AC-DC Bisexual, or a gay guy who likes to fuck and be fucked.
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome - A breakdown of the immune system following infection by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
aka Abbreviation for 'also known as'.
Anilingus Stimulation of the anus and surrounding area by kissing, licking and penetration of the anus with the tongue. More commonly known as rimming.
ARC Aids Related Complex.
ASL Age, Sex, Location - Commonly used at the start of a chat room conversation, to ask for basic information about someone.
Barebacking Having anal sex without a condom.
BDSM Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism.
Bear Large hairy guy.
Bi-curious Curious about, and considering experimenting with bisexuality.
Bf Abbreviation for boyfriend.
Bisexual Sexually attracted to both men and women.
Blow job or BJ Oral sex.
Bondage Restraint, immobilisation or tieing up of people during sexual activity, sometimes for the purpose of inflicting discipline or pain (e.g. whipping).
Bottom The guy who prefers to be the recipient of anal sex, or to give oral sex, or considers himself to be the submissive partner.
Btw Abbreviation for 'by the way'.
Camp Effeminate style, mannerisms and behaviour of some gay guys.
Clap Gonorrhea.
Cottage A public place (usually toilets) where guys indulge in anonymous sex.
Crabs Pubic lice
Cruise To casually search for guys for the purpose of having sex.
Cub A young bear, or one who likes to adopt a submissive role.
Cum Semen, or to ejaculate.
Cut Circumcised.
Down-Low or DL A discreet activity or information kept secret. Often used by men who identify as heterosexual but have gay sex secretly. (also 'on the down-low' or 'on the DL')
FAQ Abbreviation for 'frequently asked questions'.
Fellatio Oral sex.
Fisting The insertion of a hand into the partners anus.
Frottage Sexual activities involving genital to genital contact.
FTA Abbreviation for 'fun, travel and adventure'.
FYI Abbreviation for 'for your information'.
GAM Abbreviation for 'Gay asian male' (see 'Self-describing Abbreviations' below).
Gaydar The ability of a gay guy to detect another.
GHM Abbreviation for 'Gay hispanic male' (see 'Self-describing Abbreviations' below).
Glory hole A hole made in the partitions between toilet cubicles, through which a penis can be put for anonymous gay sex (usually oral).
Golden Shower Sexual activities involving urine.
GUM clinic Abbreviation for 'Genito Urinary Medicine clinic' - a clinic where you can get tested and treated for sexually transmitted infections.
GWM Abbreviation for 'Gay white male' (see 'Self-describing Abbreviations' below).
Hand job or HJ Masturbation performed by another person.
Head Oral sex.
HIV Human Immunodeficiency virus. An incurable disease which attacks the immune system.
HIV- Abbreviation meaning 'not infected with HIV'.
HIV+ Abbreviation meaning 'infected with HIV'.
Homoerotic Something which arouses a desire for gay sex.
Homophobia Irrational fear of or prejudice against gay guys.
Host / hosting A guy who can host, or is hosting, is able to provide a place to have sex.
IMO Abbreviation for 'in my opinion'.
IMHO Abbreviation for 'in my humble opinion'.
IMNSHO Abbreviation for 'in my not so humble opinion'.
IRL Abbreviation for 'in real life'.
ISO Abbreviation for 'in search of'.
J/o Abbreviation for 'jerk off'.
Jerk off Masturbate (US/Canada).
Jism or Jiz Semen.
LOL Abbreviation for 'laughing out loud'.
LTR Abbreviation for 'longterm relationship'.
Masochism Sexual pleasure from suffering pain or torture
Mince To overplay or overdo gay gestures.
Monogamy Restricting oneself to one sexual partner at any one time.
Open Relationship A relationship which by consent is not monogamous.
Otter A thin cub.
Prince Albert Body piercing through the penis.
Prowl To search for a lover or relationship.
Rent boy Male prostitute.
Rimming See anilingus.
ROFLMxO Abbreviation for 'rolling on floor, laughing my x off' where x = A(arse), C(cock) or T(tits)
ROFLOL Abbreviation for 'rolling on floor, laughing out loud'.
Sadism Sexual pleasure from inflicting pain or torture
Sado-masochism Sexual pleasure from inflicting or suffering pain or torture.
Scat Sexual activities involving faeces.
SM Abbreviation for 'sadomasochism'.
Smooth Not hairy.
Sodomy Anal sex.
Str8 Abbreviation for 'straight', i.e. heterosexual.
Top The guy who prefers to be the giver of anal sex, or to receive oral sex, or considers himself to be the dominant partner.
TG Abbreviation for 'transgendered'.
TS Abbreviation for 'transsexual'.
TV Abbreviation for 'transvestite' (or television!)
Twink Young, sexually attractive guy, who has good looks but not necessarily such good intelligence.
Uncut Not circumcised.
Vanilla Sex Plain or standard sex. Some people use this term to imply straightforward sex, without fetish related activities such as BDSM, role play etc, whilst others use the term to mean non-penetrative gay sex.
Versatile Happy to adopt the role of a 'top' or a 'bottom'.
Yellow Sexual activities involving urine.
Wank Masturbate (UK).
W/e Abbreviation for 'well endowed'.
Self-describing Abbreviations
These abbreviations are used in personal ads to define the marital status, religion, race and sex of a person. They are made up of 3-5 letters, with one letter from each of the following groups, in the sequence indicated:
Marital Status
(optional, seldom included by gay guys)
S = Single
D = Divorced
M = Married
W = Widowed
(required if not str8)
G = Gay
Bi = Bisexual
(optional, seldom included)
C = Christian
J = Jewish
(optional, usually included)
A = Asian (oriental)
B = Black
H = Hispanic
W = White
(always included)
F = Female
M = Male